What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing website that allows users to upload, view, and share streaming video online.

Why should I use YouTube?

YouTube is an effective communications tool for KU organizations or departments that have interesting videos to share.Digital video recorders are easy to come by, so if you think your KU organization or department has content that would work well in video format, consider creating a YouTube channel.

Don’t have enough video content to sustain a YouTube channel?

Get your videos on KU’s YouTube channel. KU’s YouTube channel features videos from across the University, from athletics to student life to research-oriented pieces across all campuses.If you are interested in learning about how to get your videos on KU’s channel, please contact Justin Henning at

How do I use YouTube?

Start by creating a YouTube account. Enter a valid e-mail address and create a channel name that references KU.

By agreeing to YouTube’s Terms of Service you must:

  • Comply with all applicable laws.
  • Provide accurate and complete information.
  • Review and comply with YouTube’s policies including their Community Guidelines and Privacy Policy.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of your password.


  • Create unique first/last frames. Consider making the first and/or last frame(s) of the video contain the KU logo, your program’s name, and Web address.
  • Keep it short. While YouTube allows videos up to 15 minutes in length, most viewers don’t have that long of an attention span. Try and keep your videos to about two minutes unless that content is compelling enough to run longer.
  • Spread the word. Share the videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to provide access to as wide of an audience as possible.


  • Upload or post content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party.
  • Use YouTube for commercial use without YouTube’s prior written consent. Violation of any of the above actions may lead to removal of a post, or removal of your account from a KU-affiliated web page. This decision is at the discretion of the KU Public Relations and Campus Initiatives staff or responsible KU unit for social media presence.

Uploading videos is simple

Uploading videos to YouTube involves the same steps you would take to upload a picture to any other site on the Web. YouTube will prompt you to brows your computer’s files and all you have to do is click the file you want to upload. YouTube enables videos to be uploaded that are high definition, up to 2 GB in size, up to 15 minutes in length and come in a wide variety of formats.

Use descriptive keywords. Once you have uploaded your video, make sure to give it a descriptive title, a thorough description, and tag any potential keywords someone would search for to find your video. It is important to have keywords in your title, description, and tags. YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Web, so being descriptive and thorough will help people find your video. For example, for videos on KU’s YouTube channel, “The University of Kansas” and “KU” are typically used in all titles, tags, and descriptions.

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